Functional Looks for a Topsy-turvy Spring

Posted on 07 May 2013 by dubs

By Emily Bonsignore

Our spring thus far has been quite fickle. From the 90 degree days to torrential downpours, even the blustery wind storms left me half tempted to lock myself indoors, rather than face bipolar mother nature. However, since all of us at some point must leave the comforts of our beds to endure the manic weather, we might as well do it in style. This means act like an onion and show off some serious layers. Long sleeves over T-shirts under coats and everything else in-between; take some tips from these handsome guys on how to show the weather who is boss!

David Ou
David Ou is no stranger to Submerge, and his style is so nice I had to feature him twice. David’s style is completely classic: tailored pants and fitted cardigans are suitable for any occasion. A big trend for men’s fashion this spring is one standout piece, rather than several articles competing for the spotlight. A striped long sleeve peeks its way through David’s simple layers, breaking up the solid neutrals and allowing his outfit to transform throughout the day.

Henry Li
Taking a more urban approach compared to David’s timeless look, Henry Li’s downtown vibe rivals David’s uptown attitude. Donning a sporty cargo jacket and beat up red converse, Henry’s outfit is perfect for a day of class or an excursion to the city. A color blocked gray and white T-shirt is a contemporary upgrade to any basic tee. Finish it off with a beanie for the cool mornings and nights, and you will be outsmarting the weather’s unpredictable personality in no time.

Words by dubs

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Old Ass Comments

Thanks Bocephus for the inspiration. I’m sure this will inspire future best men out there to strive for legendary status. Because everyman should feel the ground shake beneath their feet at least once in their life.

December 24th, 2009 at 5:08 am

I had vegetarian gut rot for a week. I had to take a day off work because my ass smelled so bad and I was embarassed to go into the office.

February 4th, 2010 at 12:38 pm

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