Marc Del Chiaro’s Dreams v. Reality Album Release Show – June 8, 2012

Posted on 07 June 2012 by dubs

Sacramento musician Marc Del Chiaro has been playing around town for 15 years in bands like Leisure, Life of Riley, 7th Standard and others. Most recently he has been gigging with bluegrass group Hot Tar Roofers as well as recording his first solo album, Dreams v. Reality, with Ira Skinner at Alley Avenue Recording Studios. On Friday, June 8, 2012 at Guild Theater (2828 35th Street) Del Chiaro will celebrate the release of the nine track CD with an all-encompassing event comprised of paintings and photography from Sam Sellers, a discussion on NEOfarm technologies by Scott Geremia, live painting and drawing from Molly Devlin of Art Bazaar, Jenna Maggard from Hands for Humanity will even be in the lobby providing massages for $1 per minute and 10 percent goes to charity. Del Chiaro will welcome to the stage many local talents and friends to recreate the songs that he estimates he recorded 95 percent of himself in the studio, including Bill and Scott Sanders (who also play in Hot Tar Roofers), Casey Marshall, Matt Lancara, Colin Viera, Noah Clark and others. Opening the show will be Adelynn Costa. “As much as I wanted it to be a quiet, not-a-big-deal event, I wanted a place where everyone would be sitting and listening,” he recently told Submerge of the choice to do it at Guild. “It’s a beautiful old theater and felt it should be used more by local musicians. I used to go see shows there all the time in the ‘90s.” Doors open at 8 p.m. and the $10 cover charge includes a copy of Dreams v. Reality.

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Was sent this link by a friend because I like Zuhg – doesn’t mean my feelings transfer to this chick, though. “Nichiren Buddhist”? Puhleeze! I guess just being a plain old Buddhist isn’t enough, like anyone even knows WTF a Nichiren Buddhist is, it just makes her sound pretentious. This chick was nobody before her friends from Zuhg used her as a replacement for their old (and MUCH better) backup singer. Typical left wing hippie wannabe with dreads and an inflated ego. And that comment about how “women have it easier in the music world because they are more marketable. The notion is that they just have to look good” came from another old bandmate of theirs. How do I know? Because I know one of the people that was having a conversation with him about this very topic when she overheard him saying that! The only fans that she’s nice to or that I’ve seen her interact with are guys that want to get in her pants, and she ignores all other women around her because she doesn’t like competition and thinks she’s better and smarter than them. It’s also why she doesn’t have any women in her band or ever play with other women at her shows – she doesn’t like prettier or more talented women stealing the audience’s attention from her. Watching her perform with Zuhg is funny, she tries way too hard to overpower the lead singer all the time and to steal the spotlight. Make no mistake about it, this chick is full of herself and way fake, and she’s no Joss Stone, Adele, and ESPECIALLY no Janis Joplin.

February 2nd, 2012 at 7:11 pm

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