Outside the 9-to-5: An Ode To Fear

Adventure, whatever it is to you—hiking, skiing, surfing, SUPing, running, exploring, rock climbing—probably involves some sort of fear. I’m here to remind you that fear is a good thing. The fire from within begins to creep out; you can feel the anger sweltering in your gut. You’re mad, furious maybe….

#HOFDAY 2016: Behind the Lines

The Hall of Fame Crew Gives a Lesson on How to Build a Perfect Party Sacramentans love to party. More than that, Sacramentans love a great party! From the pulsing crowds that pour into the MARRS building to bathe in the diversity of acts that the THIS Midtown summer block…

Office Anywhere: Marin Headlands

Working as my own boss sometimes includes weekends glued to the computer—writing, editing, internet surfing … when all of a sudden I glance at the upper right hand side of the computer screen and realize it’s 5 p.m. on a Saturday. What have I done? I haven’t seen the sun…