Girl Boss: Vintage Monkey’s Shasta Smith Builds a Motorcycle Mecca

Vintage Monkey is 6,500 square feet of fuck yeah. Fuck yeah includes a café, eclectic retail, motorcycle service/repair and a rotating museum exhibit of classic motorcycles that will leave you slack jawed. The moment you enter from seedy, industrial North 16th Street, you are transported into a state of awe…

Winter Driving in a Not-So-Californian Winter

I’m no car aficionado; I drive a Prius, for God’s sake. But I do have advice for those of you braving this year’s Stormageddon and driving into the forces of nature. Many of us who were born and raised in California have never been forced to drive in harsh conditions….

Weekender: Off the Grid | Wildin’ Out in Willits

If you live in Sacramento, you know that “the grid” is kind of our thing. All the trendiest bars, clubs, coffee shops and wine bars are “on the grid” while Sacramento’s “off the grid” areas (such as Rancho Cordova and Folsom) are steadily growing as well. But what if I…