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Stuck on that perfect gift for your Secret Santa? Want to outdo your handmade cookie brigade from last year? Fear not, reader! Submerge has you covered with not one, not two, but nineteen unique, eclectic, (mostly) local gifts for any interest, any budget. Unique handcrafted jewelry? Check. Hottest in baby couture? Double check. Art, sports jerseys and dare we say, fish farms? Check, check, check. Peruse the list, get your shop on, and save a little room in the budget for yourself—we guarantee you’ll find some things you won’t be able to live without!

Custom Lamp featuring Local Photographer Miki Lansdowne’s Work
$23.95 – $63.95 at Lampinabox.com/miki-lansdowne

Submerge-Miki Lansdowne-lamp-sm A stylish table lamp will quickly and easily add some flair to any room in the house. Rather than getting a run-of-the-mill IKEA or HomeGoods lamp that you’ll see in every other home, check out this cool option: a custom lamp featuring Sacramento-based urban exploration photographer Miki Lansdowne’s work (Sparrowandtheowl.com) wrapped around the entire lampshade! Los Angeles-based Lamp-In-A-Box is featuring many of Lansdowne’s epic photos on their lamps. Our favorite is her shot called “Explore the Keys.” Check out what other pieces would look like wrapped around a lampshade, swap out different stands and bases, click order and voila, you’ll get an awesome custom lamp in the mail to spruce up your pad, office, band room, art studio, wherever! You can even design your own lamp from scratch.

Submerge-Tantris Metal Guitar Picks

Tantris Metal Guitar Picks
$7.95 at Tantrispicks.com

This holiday season, give the gift of metal. These hand-finished, hand-polished stainless steel guitar picks from Elk Grove-based Tantris Picks are machined from surgical grade stainless steel and deliver a solid, bright attack that no other pick can. These things are perfect for rock/metal guitar players. They come in multiple badass designs like “Lucky Shot” and “Ace of Spades,” so pick up a couple pairs for the metalheads on your shopping list and maybe they’ll dedicate their next song to you!

Submerge-Handmade Jewelry  by Local Artist  Susan Rabinovitz

Handmade Jewelry by Artist Susan Rabinovitz
$5 – $100 at Little Relics Boutique & Galleria (908 21st St., Sacramento)

All women love jewelry, that’s a fact. Moms, sisters, girlfriends, wives, grandmas, aunts—chances are, there are more than a few ladies on your holiday shopping list. Artist Susan Rabinovitz hand makes creative and stylish pieces of wearable art right here in Sacramento, and they range in price from very affordable (starting at just $5) to around $100. She makes cool stuff for guys, too, so visit her Midtown boutique and gallery Little Relics to see more handmade jewelry. While there, you can check out work from rotating guest artists.

Submerge-Keytar Key Covers

Keytar Key Covers
$5.99 at Evangeline’s (113 K St., Sacramento)

It’s a common problem: too many keys on your keychain. “Which is the house key? The gold one? The silver one?” Eliminate the chances of getting keys confused with these sweet Keytar Key Covers! It’s not required, but highly suggested, to mouth your favorite guitar solo every time you open a lock with a Keytar.

Submerge-Fruit- and Vegetable-Shaped Percussion Shakers

Fruit- and Vegetable-Shaped Percussion Shakers
$8.25 – $14.99 at Skip’s Music (2740 Auburn Blvd., Sacramento)

They may look like real fruits and veggies, but these babies aren’t edible! They’re actually percussion shakers and they’re ready to add a hefty dose of rhythm to your next jam session. Pick some up today at Skip’s Music, where they range in price from $8.25 for the smaller ones to $14.99 for the larger ones. They sound great and, best of all, make for perfect stocking stuffers.

Submerge-Skater Jenny Baby Socks

Skater Jenny Baby Socks
$27 for six pairs at Trumpette (2020 I St., Sacramento) or at Trumpette.com

Is it just us, or does it seem every other month like someone is announcing, “I’m having a baby!” No matter what season it is, those babies will need socks. What better to gift than these cute and stylish Skater Jenny socks from Sacramento-based luxury children’s apparel company Trumpette. They come in a six-pack of feminine colors for just $27 (for the baby boys out there, look for the Skater Johnnys).

Submerge-Gucci Pinoy Snapback Hat by Official

Gucci Pinoy Snapback Hat by Official
$32 at Theofficialbrand.com

If you gift someone this sick “Gucci Pinoy” snapback hat from Sacramento-based headwear company Official, it’s like giving times two! One hundred percent of the proceeds from this hat go to the Philippine Red Cross. Official first released this design three years ago and it sold out immediately. Since a number of staff are Filipino, they were heavily affected by the recent typhoon that devastated the country, so Official decided to bring the hat back and give all the proceeds to charity. Pre-order the hat now at Theofficialbrand.com. Ships starting Dec. 12, 2013.

Submerge-Black Sophisticated Ring by Compliment

Black Sophisticated Ring by Compliment
$36 at Shopcompliment.com

This bold and sophisticated black ring by local brand Compliment is suited for work or play, featuring black Swarovski crystals on a silver band. Compliment founder and creative director Melissa Camilleri hand crafts jewelry, stationery, and “gifts for the spirit” in her studio space on Alhambra Blvd. Her work can be found at Identity Boutique (2600 J St., Sacramento), at GOOD: Street Food and Design Market, by appointment at her studio and via her website. Being a former high school English and AVID teacher, Camilleri is passionate about equality in educational opportunities for young people. That’s why 5% of Compliment purchases go to the Compliment Scholarship Fund, which supports young Sacramento-area women in their quest for a college education. Giving always feels good, but that makes it even sweeter.

Submerge-Sacramento Kings Jerseys

Sacramento Kings Jerseys
$74.95 – $299.95 at Store.nba.com/Sacramento_Kings_Gear or at Sleep Train Arena

Let’s face it, sports jerseys are expensive. So we suggest putting one on your list and hoping that someone else picks up the bill. If you want to go all authentic, it’s going to cost upwards of $300, but replicas are just as good at around $75 and can even feature your own custom name and/or number. Available for men and women in white, black and our favorite, purple. Listen up Sacramento, the Kings are here to stay, the Magoofs are out and we’re (finally, fingers crossed) getting that downtown arena. The hype is real. It’s time to get that jersey and rep your home team with pride.

Submerge-Gift Cards  to Local  Restaurants!

Gift Cards to Sacramento Restaurants!
Any amount you want, available at most local restaurants

Still can’t decide what to get for that special someone? Save them the hassle of returning whatever it is you’re going to get and opt for gift cards to any of our many amazing local restaurants. If you will allow us to suggest a few: Clark’s Corner for that local East Sacramento cozy bar vibe (they have killer food too!); Tequila Museo Mayahuel for some of the best damn upscale Mexican cuisine you’ll ever taste; Paragary’s Restaurant Group, because, well, one gift card is good at many different tasty restaurants (try Hock Farm!); LowBrau for sausages and craft beer; and Red Rabbit and/or Magpie for farm-to-fork American fare that’ll straight up knock your socks off. Seriously, you can’t go wrong with gift cards, especially ones that fill up bellies with amazing food. Plus chances are good you’ll get taken out to a good dinner! Bon appetit.