Four years ago, the world was a different place: electing a black president was still just a fantasy; thought of a serious, wordwide recession was just another thing for alarmists to rant and rave about; and Sacramento’s spaz-rockers Hella was together as a duo.

Now in 2009, no one bats an eye as Barack Obama helms the sinking ship of the U.S. economy toward what most of us hope are greener pastures (Rush Limbaugh), and Hella has began work on their first album as a two-piece band since 2005. Zach Hill (drums) and Spencer Seim (guitars) announced today on their Myspace page that they’re writing a new record.

Details are still few. According to the band, “the album will be recorded and finished this year of 2009.” However, as of now, no label or producer/engineer have been chosen. Uncertain music for uncertain times. What better band than Hella to serve as the soundtrack for the wild year ahead?