holy dive bar

Sacramento-area concert goers in the 21-and-under crowd will soon have one more option for a night out with the opening of a new all-ages music venue in Sacramento. The team that brought us Ace of Spades, a popular 1,000-plus capacity club in downtown Sacramento, plans on opening a new all-ages venue “sometime later this year,” according to partners Bret Bair and Eric Rushing. The new venture will be called Holy Dive Bar, and while details remain sparse at the moment, Bair and Rushing have confirmed with Submerge that they do have a location picked out. The new venue will be comparable in size to The Boardwalk, which they no longer are operating. Holy Dive Bar’s exact location will be announced in the coming months, but we can confirm that it is not downtown but somewhere “in the burbs.” By the looks of it from the venue’s Facebook page (Facebook.com/holydivebarsac) it looks to be somewhere in the area of Madison Avenue and Auburn Boulevard. According to Bair, Holy Dive Bar will “cater to the local scene as well as up-and-coming national acts,” going on to say, “We’re doing it for the kids!” This is huge news for the local music scene! We’ll try and keep our readers informed of updates on this new venue. In the meantime, check out their other shows at Ace and Goldfield.