Photos by Amy Serna

Make Yourself at Home

Easy on I – 1725 I Street, Sacramento

If you spend enough time at neighborhood bar Easy on I, it will quickly start to become a place “where everybody knows your name.”

Owners Mark and Carol Hoyt know all the regulars, always welcome new patrons and are always caught laughing behind their bar. It’s obvious that Mark and Carol have a love for what they do, which is running one of the best watering holes on I Street. They make the bar and grill, on the corner of 18th and I, seem more like your local hang out spot. Easy on I is a casual, low-key bar and grill that is perfect for a Friday night or Wednesday afternoon. It’s full of everything you want at your local bar: good beers, comfortable atmosphere, awesome food and friendly people. It’s the kind of bar that you can grab a drink, a bite to eat, and meet someone new sitting on the bar stool next to you.

At first glance, Easy on I might not seem like a destination for gourmet food, but don’t underestimate the small bar. It’s a spot where you can always expect excellent service and quality food. They have a menu full of burgers, sandwiches and even barbecue. Being a regular myself at Easy on I, the food never fails to taste fresh and delicious. But my mission for the evening was happy hour and to see how much food and drink I could get for $25.

For a Monday night, this bar was not quiet. It was already full of thirsty and hungry people ready for happy hour.

Just by looking at Easy’s happy hour menu, I knew I was going to walk out the of the bar with a mini food baby. “The Happiest of Hours,” as the menu so proudly calls this joyful time, is Monday through Friday from 2–6 p.m., and options include sliders, stuffed peppers, wings, loaded fries and drink specials, all for under $6 each.

For a grand total of $25.25, I sipped on a porter from New Helvetia Brewing Company ($4.75); tried the Belgian-style beer from West Sacramento’s Jackrabbit Brewing Company ($4.75); devoured eight chicken wings ($5.75); stuffed my face with eight fried zucchini sticks ($4.50); and loaded my belly with loaded fries ($5.50). For this giant meal I needed some reinforcement to help grub down; it was more than enough to feed two people for dinner.

For this assignment, I chose to indulge in craft beers, although it was pretty tough to pass up the $1.25 Olympia happy hour special. Upon walking up to the bar, you can easily recognize a majority of the handles that are on tap, the local lineup includes Bike Dog, Oak Pak Brewery, Jackrabbit, New Helvetia and Two Rivers. All craft beers are priced at $4.75 during happy hour.

Both the New Helvetia and Jackrabbit offerings were refreshing but still satisfying for a chilly November night. Shortly after the beers were poured, the appetizers were served promptly.

First up, the chicken wings were smothered in spicy buffalo sauce, served with a side of ranch. You know food is going to be comforting when they also serve it with wet naps for the final finish.

As for the fried zucchini sticks, they were served warm and covered with a crispy batter that gives State Fair fried food a run for its money. The zucchini sticks actually made me crave them again the very next day.

The loaded fries were doused with blue cheese dressing, blue cheese crumbles, parmesan cheese and garlic. The creamy sauce and crispy fries are the perfect combination for any hungry belly.

Altogether this Happy Hour Hound was left satisfied and with my pocket still full of cash. Don’t miss out on a good happy hour deal and possibly your new favorite hang out spot. At Easy on I, you can always count on a delicious food experience that might turn you into a regular.