Time to revisit your inner-geek and dress up like your favorite comic book character. The annual Wizard World Comic Con is back with myriad opportunities to spend your surplus cash. Tattoo artist Chris 51 from A&E’s Epic Ink will be on-hand and available for tattoos, autographs and photos. We spoke to Chris to clear up our misconceptions of tattoo artists and to learn what a professional tattoo really costs. “Judgment of character is a common misconception as many think, because I am covered head to toe in artwork, that it must have started in prison. However, the truth is I wouldn’t even know what the inside of a cop car looks like or what handcuffs feel like,” he said. Getting a tattoo from the man himself will cost a pretty penny, though. “In a single sitting, customers can pay a whole-day rate of usually about $1000–1500. On the average a two- to three-hour tattoo is $200–$500, but then you get the really dedicated clients that could cost upwards of $10,000 or more. That is for hundreds of hours invested by both client and artist and comes with a bond formed for life. Hey, what else can you pay a few hundred bucks for and take to the grave?” he said. Come to think of it, I’ve always wanted Count Chocula on my butt. Comic Con, here I come! Check out Wizardworld.com for a full list of participants.