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Stuck on that perfect gift for your Secret Santa? Want to outdo your handmade cookie brigade from last year? Fear not, reader! Submerge has you covered with not one, not two, but nineteen unique, eclectic, (mostly) local gifts for any interest, any budget. Unique handcrafted jewelry? Check. Hottest in baby couture? Double check. Art, sports jerseys and dare we say, fish farms? Check, check, check. Peruse the list, get your shop on, and save a little room in the budget for yourself—we guarantee you’ll find some things you won’t be able to live without!

Submerge-Stylish Bow Ties from The ZB Savoy Bowtie Co

Stylish Bow Ties from The ZB Savoy Bowtie Co.
$39 at Bows and Arrows (1815 19th St., Sacramento)

For men, wearing a bow tie is a statement. It says, “I’m classy, stylish and fun!” And while bow ties aren’t for every man, there is a bow tie for almost every occasion. Dress up the holidays with these unique and creative handmade bow ties from Southern California-based ZB Savoy Bowtie Co., available locally in multiple patterns, colors and styles at Bows and Arrows.

Submerge-Lurk Hard Roses Bucket Hat

Lurk Hard Roses Bucket Hat
$40 at Lurkhard.myshopify.com

In case you didn’t get the memo, bucket hats are really hawt right now. This one from Sacto-based skateboard clothing company Lurk Hard is no exception, donning classic red and white roses on a black bucket. When Lurk Hard uploaded a picture of this design (also available in a five-panel hat, $32, and pom beanie, $30) on their Facebook page, they said, “Hat we made for camping and hunting. Also badminton is acceptable.” So open-minded, they are.

Submerge-Playable Art Cube and Playable Art Ball

Playable Art Cube and Playable Art Ball
$24.50 – $35.50 at Crocker Art Museum’s Gift Shop (216 O St., Sacramento)

Bring out your inner artist with these colorful, flexible pieces of ingenious design. Playable Art Cube and Playable Art Ball will be the talk of your holiday party this year. The Cube features 12 elastic cord-connected wooden blocks in 12 colors; the Ball has 20 interconnected wooden balls in 10 colors. You can literally create an endless number of symmetrical patterns and artistic displays to leave your coworkers, friends and family in awe of your creativity.


AquaFarm by Back to the Roots
$59.99 at Backtotheroots.com

The ultimate green gift, the AquaFarm by Back to the Roots is a self-cleaning fish tank that grows food. Just fill it with water, add a fish (one betta fish or a few small fish) and plant seeds. It works like this: the natural waste produced by your fish is pumped up to the grow bed, where it’s broken down into the nutrients and food needed to grow the plants. The clean water then cycles back down into the tank, creating a tabletop-size sustainable ecosystem! For just $59.99 you get everything you need, including seeds and a coupon for the fish. Best of all, they are designed and manufactured right here in California.

Submerge-Locally Made Fingerless Gloves

Locally Made Fingerless Gloves
$25 at Bows and Arrows (1815 19th St.)

Keep your paws warm without sacrificing the ability to use those ever-so-important touchscreen devices with these fingerless gloves, available in multiple colors at Bows and Arrows. Local maker Yadira Smith (Etsy.com/shop/myporcelaingarden) crocheted these right here in Sacramento. We won’t blame you if you keep these for yourself!

Submerge-Lost Restaurants of Sacramento and Their Recipes

Lost Restaurants of Sacramento and Their Recipes
$19.99 at Time Tested Books (1114 21st St., Sacramento) or Beers Books (915 S St., Sacramento)

This book is the best bet for any foodie on your list. Lost Restaurants of Sacramento and Their Recipes is a must-read for locavores and farm-to-fork enthusiasts (of which there seems to be a lot in Sacramento), as well as history buffs. Get a healthy portion of memories and recipes from well-loved Sacramento restaurants thanks to authors and locals Maryellen Burns and Keith Burns.

Submerge-SLVDR Hatteras Button-Down Shirt

SLVDR Hatteras Button-Down Shirt
$100 at Good Stock Boutique (Downtown Plaza #1095, Sacramento)

This 100% cotton long-sleeve button-down oxford shirt with super hip antler print by SLVDR is a sure hit with any fashion-forward-thinking guy on your shopping list. SLVDR (pronounced “Salvador”) is a stylish California-bred brand whose “attention to detail is second-to-none,” according to one Good Stock employee. Check out this shirt and tons of other killer pieces of streetwear for both men and women at their boutique inside the Downtown Plaza.

Submerge-The Radio Dock by Areaware

The Radio Dock by Areaware
$40 at Lumens.com or 2028 K St., Sacramento

Classic style meets advanced technology with The Radio Dock by Areaware. Slide your iPhone 4 or 5 into this bad boy and let it transport your device back in time via the downloadable Public Radio app, which finds up to seven public radio stations within a 50-mile radius. Imagine the nostalgic vibe set forth by listening to NPR’s This American Life or Wait, Wait…Don’t Tell Me on this thing!

Submerge-Dakine Super Tune Snowboard Kit

Dakine Super Tune Snowboard Kit
$104.95 at Amazon.com

Winter is coming! Don’t get left behind when you hit the slopes just because you couldn’t find time to drop your snowboard or skis off at REI to get waxed. Take matters into your own hands and get your gear in proper shape with the Dakine Super Tune Snowboard Kit. Everything you need to have a lightning-fast setup is in here: Tuning iron, all temperature wax, edge tuning tools, wax scrapers, instructions and more. The best price we could find was on Amazon.com where the whole kit, including a nifty multi-pocket carrying case, was only $104.95. Wax on, wax off!