The Who’s Tommy at Harris Center for the Arts Photo by Ron Tan

Although the ‘70s were a wholly decadent time, Pete Townsend and The Who were already indulging in heady compositions long before then. Unlike other records in the group’s storied catalog, their fourth album, the grandiose rock opera Tommy (1969), was an ambitious undertaking for a group who, for the most part, excelled at turning it up to 11 with great effect. Tommy was a massive success and later spawned a film, stage production and even a full-blown orchestral version. The Falcon’s Eye, born from the Department of Theatre and Cinema at Folsom Lake College, will be presenting the five-time Tony Award-winning musical to the public and it will surely be one of the most talked about productions on Harris Center’s already impressive calendar. Curious audiophiles and Broadway-loving show goers alike will find great reward in this local production from a troupe whose track record speaks for itself. Tickets are $20 (or $12 for students) and can be purchased through Come see what that deaf, dumb and blind boy could achieve if given the opportunity. Learn more at

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