Photo by Dylan Evans

Those who’ve revelled in the spectacle that is Cirque Du Soleil should find ample reward in Circa, born more than 10 years ago in Australia, which incorporates difficult yet compelling circus acts like trapeze and Chinese pole exercises with reckless aplomb. And while the music is not your standard show fare—expect electronica, cheeky ballads and even show tunes—the odd musical choices don’t seem so strange when paired with talented performers and acrobatic feats. Those who get depressed watching others literally fold their bodies in half and contort into forms never imaginable in this lifetime should realize these exhibitionists have worked for countless years to hone their skills. Surfing the Internet and staring blankly at the clock at your mundane job doesn’t count, OK? We love our readers but want to be realistic. Not even our talented editor or our classless freelancers could do what the Aussies can. Experience a once-in-a-lifetime thrill and make plans well in advance as these dates are expected to sell capacity numbers. Odds are most have never seen some of the many tricks they’ll see and, more importantly, everyone has a chance to show their partner a good time that both parties will enjoy. Winner winner … Vegemite sandwich dinner. Go to for tickets.

    Eddie Jorgensen

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