This three-hour class will give men and women the chance at a unique, hands-on experience. For only $35 (or $30 for co-op owners) plus a $35 materials fee, one can learn how the various succulent cuttings and trimmings are prepared. For many years, Soil Born Farms has been offering both food and environmental education programs aimed at both youth and adults. From classes to hands-on workshops, tours to job training, this is one interactive farm. This particular class will be taught by the immensely talented Pamela Marentis and everyone will be able to take home one of their own special wreaths. Instead of spending $50 or more at World Market or even Pier One, your money goes to fund even more programs and, of course, supplies for future generations. Whether your centerpiece hangs on the door, above the fireplace, or near your tree, it will surely be the talk of the Holiday season. A well-done wreath can last for quite some time and the skills you learn from Marentis will last a lifetime. Set your GPS for 2140 Chase Drive in Rancho Cordova and visit for more information.

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