As far back at the 15th century, Europeans have been using Tarot cards as a way to learn more about themselves, connect to divinity and receive guidance from the universe. In the 1700s, Tarot cards grew in popularity, especially among believers in magic and the occult. In some cultures, Tarot reading was associated with witchcraft. Nowadays, decks of Tarot cards can be can easily be found in specialty shops all over the world, and they can often even be purchased in large chain stores across the United States. This makes it very possible to practice divination on your own, without the need to visit a psychic or fortune-teller. On Sunday, March 5, Alexis Cunningfolk will be teaching an introduction to Tarot card reading at Redwood Community Space on Third Avenue. Cunningfolk’s class melds traditional practices with modern techniques, and explains the mysticism and meaning behind all 78 Tarot cards. This is a class for beginners, and the teachings will provide a solid foundation for those seeking to utilize Tarot cards as a tool to tap into insight, inspiration and self-discovery. Anyone who attends must bring their own deck of Tarot cards. Attendees will also be provided with study guides and other useful learning materials. The class starts at noon and is open to everyone. For more info, go to or

    Haley Teichert

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    Haley is a musician who plays in local bands Toy Traps and Chat Room. She also hosts a radio show called "Garlic Party" on KVMRx. She has been contributing to Submerge since 2016.