The California Bicycle Summit Comes to the Sacramento Convention Center

The California Bicycle Coalition is a nonprofit advocacy group dedicated to making the Golden State a better place to ride a bike, and also increasing bike ridership to create “healthier, safer and more prosperous communities for all.” The organization’s California Bicycle Summit is a biannual affair last held in 2015 in San Diego. This time, they will be pedaling up north for four days at the Sacramento Convention Center (1400 J St.), where summit-goers can expect to find a film screening of Ovarian Psycos, a documentary about a feminist bike crew from East Los Angeles, as well as various lectures, breakout sessions and even guided bicycling tours around Sacramento and Davis. For more info, go to and click “Events.”

**This write-up first appeared in print on page 10 of issue #249 (Sept. 25 – Oct. 9, 2017)**