Chainlink Poetry with Local Guerrilla Art Collective ZFG

April is National Poetry Month and to celebrate, the prolific local guerrilla art collective ZFG (short for Zero Forbidden Goals) is throwing a Chainlink Poetry Lot Party at the North Sacramento-Hagginwood Library on Saturday, April 9, 2016 at 1 p.m. What is Chainlink Poetry, you ask? It’s kind of like those little magnets with different words on them you see arranged on people’s refrigerators, except larger and out in public for all to see. Imagine words like “dream,” “vision,” “believe” and countless others strung up on a fence by locals, creating a hands-on, interactive art installation that truly gives the community a voice. People of all ages are invited out to participate in the Chainlink Poetry party, whether you’re an artist, a writer or neither. Because as ZFG puts it, “This event is about creating together as a community.” On top of the interactive art, you’ll enjoy live performers and poets including SpaceWalker, Paul Willis, Andru Defeye and more. So, what do you want to say? Come on out and make your voice heard. Visit for more info on this and other National Poetry Month happenings around town.


    Jonathan Carabba

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