Fright Planet is really stepping it up in 2011 with their haunted theme park at Cal Expo (gate 9 off Ethan Boulevard at the former Paradise Island Theme Park). There are five massive themed haunted houses: Pirates of Scurvy Island, Dead Man’s Lagoon in 3-D, Death Row, Blackout! and Psycho Midway in 4-D (“terrorific scents” add the fourth dimension according to their website, Each haunted house attraction is about 5,000 square feet. There’s also a 100-seat “ScreamMax” theater where you can catch a 25-minute 3-D movie featuring “spectacular 3-D effects and a frightful soundtrack.” There really is something to scare everyone, even you tough guys out there, at this hell-ish (in a good way) theme park. Claustrophobic? You might want to avoid Blackout!, where you really can’t see shit and there are “hidden scares.” Hate clowns? Stay the heck away from the Psycho Midway! All Fright Planet cast members–there are a whopping 150 of them–have to go through a formal audition process and attend “Scare School” before they step foot into a haunted house to scare you and your friends. Their set painter is even a retired Disneyland artist, so everything looks realistic. Fright Planet is open now until Nov. 2, 2011, check their website for times and for tickets (which range in price from $19.95 to $35) call 1-866-666-1313 or visit

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