Sand Mountain | Fallon, Nevada

I enjoy Halloween. There’s something about dressing up as something you’re not for a day that really gets me. You can act insane and no one questions your sanity. Some people hate Halloween, and I get that. Whether you’re searching for something to do for Halloween weekend this year or not, I highly suggest hitting the road and burying your toes in some sand in Fallon, Nevada. Be warned: this is not the kind of toe-burying you would do in the Galapagos.

Sand Mountain is a place where people come together with giant RVs and campers hauling quads, RZRs, ATVs, dirt bikes and any other two- or four-wheeled motorized vehicles. Loud generators, loads of beer and the smell of barbecue float throughout the temporary city. It’s like a mix between Mad Max and Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas.

Sand Mountain | Fallon, Nevada

This is not the usual adventure I partake in, but every once in awhile it’s good to explore outside of your comfort zone. This place was not in my comfort zone. Though I had no experience in driving any sort of vehicle besides a hearty four-wheel, dependable sedan, I had no hesitation in acting like I knew what I was doing when I got in the driver’s seat of the quad.

The list of things to do while at Sand Mountain is as endless as is the imagination so here are a few things I learned to get you started.

Sand Mountain | Fallon, Nevada

Sand Mountain | Fallon, Nevada

How to Not Drive a Quad: No one told me you really shouldn’t drive sideways down a sandy mountain. You will flip and roll the vehicle. Yes, I flipped and rolled the vehicle but my passenger and I were both fine—one valuable lesson learned.

RV Rooftops Make for Great Sunset Watching: Beers and rooftops. What could go wrong?

You Will be Forced to Celebrate Halloween: If you go Halloween weekend, people will expect you to take part in the festivities. Be prepared to decorate your camping area and yourself or you will be ridiculed.

Sand Mountain | Fallon, Nevada

Sand Mountain | Fallon, Nevada

Create Your Own Adventure: One afternoon we took a quad out for a stroll down the road, escaped the madness and enjoyed the sunset—it can still be peaceful.

Comp Hill: Top of the mountain—let’s party!

If you don’t have any of these expensive motorized toys, I would suggest finding someone who does, renting one or going to Sand Mountain another weekend when the crowds are smaller and you can explore without hundreds of vehicles whizzing by.

Be forewarned, Halloween weekend is dangerous and there have been multiple deaths over the years. With that being said, a few months after returning home from Sand Mountain, I bought a motorcycle. It really is fun.

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