Fire Spectacular Photo by Cedric Sims

Let’s face it, we humans are obsessed with fire. When sitting around campfires we share our most personal stories, when celebrating Independence Day every year we blow a bunch of shit up and, you know, we sort of need fire to eat and stay warm, so there’s also that. There’s just something about staring into an open flame that stirs up some sort of inner-caveman feelings, am I right? Well, those feelings will be quite rampant at the Ninth Annual Fire Spectacular on Saturday, Aug. 13 at the William A. Carroll Amphitheatre in William Land Park when Obsidian Butterfly and Sacred Fire Dance Company will wow their audience with dance, music and yes, plenty of fire! Expect fire eaters, fire dancers, fire breathers, aerialists, stilt walkers, belly dancers and so much more for your viewing pleasure. Since 2003, this group has been mesmerizing crowds of all ages with their epic shows (maybe you even saw them at this year’s California State Fair? They performed a bunch of times!). General admission to the Fire Spectacular is just $15 in advance; children and teens from ages 9–18 are just $10, and there are also family packs available. Gates open at 6 p.m. Visit and search for the event, or hit up for more information. Get ready to feel the heat!