Courtesy of the Historic Old Sacramento Foundation

What thoughts does Old Sacramento bring to mind? Evangeline’s eclectic inventory? Firehouse Restaurant’s signature filet mignon? Maybe the overwhelmingly awesome abundance of candy stores? Old Sacramento’s epithet alludes to a historical background, but the present-day attractions seem to be more enticing…but they only scratch the surface. In 1848, the Gold Rush gave birth to our lovely city, but our vulnerability to flooding put thriving stores, homes and businesses underwater. The city was re-leveled, and the buildings became the foundation for the Sacramento we know today, leaving the roads and history of the original city beneath the ground. Most Sacramentans are aware of Old Sac’s underground abyss, but few have been able to explore them for themselves. From now until November, Evening Underground Tours will open the doors to the stories, excavations and colorful history beneath. Tickets can be found at, along with more information, tour times and dates. The tour begins at the Sacramento History Museum and concludes at the River City Saloon, where $2 draft and whiskey shots await, but the 90 minutes in between are for you to discover yourself.