Slipknot’s Scream Park Sacramento

The quest to find a really scary haunted house is finally over. The band Slipknot will be presenting a limited run of dates for their Scream Park that are sure to scare the living crap out of anyone. Although it’s highly unlikely Slipknot’s members will be on hand each day of the attraction’s installment, word has it there may be a surprise appearance by a few of the guys (most likely around the Aftershock Festival on Oct. 24 and 25, 2015). The three featured haunted houses this year are Prepare for Hell, Clown’s Playhouse and Skin Ticket. The latter is a flashlight only event that is not recommended for the faint of heart or easily scared attendee, however. If fluorescent lights are your thing, you might want to check out Clown’s Playhouse for a dose of pure, unadulterated insanity inside a labyrinth sure to get your blood pumping. Unlike other haunted houses in the area, no expense has been spared to make your first visit a living, breathing nightmare. You are allowed to don a costume as long as it’s not oversized and you’re not brandishing any fake or real weapons. For those who hate long lines, you are encouraged to buy Scream Park’s special Fast Pass and forgo possible long wait times. Advance tickets can be bought at

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