The staff at Submerge knows many of you lead a boring life that involves work, sleep and more work. In an attempt to break the disastrous cycle which takes extra years off your life and makes you a recluse by default, all are hereby summoned to Sacramento State’s “Sunday Funday” event. Once more, it serves as an open window to the activities of the college’s faculty and students alike. Check out the many programs most didn’t even know existed and see if any fit into your daily regimen (or lack thereof). And while we’re certainly not insinuating your life is dull and devoid of meaning, missing this fiesta would prove otherwise. Things kick off on Sunday, April 17 at 11 a.m. on the Sac State campus, and there is even free parking at parking structure II. It goes without saying this event is free and there are also activities to keep your kids stimulated. Events include library exhibits, mask making, short films, food trucks, a celebration of both Japanese and Italian cultures, a musical petting zoo, a kazoo parade (!!!) and much more. If you’re still reading this on Sunday, put the paper down in a safe spot and head to the campus with all due speed. For more info, go to

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