Lunar Lunacy

Bike riding is the coolest way to stay in shape and have fun doing so. For those who like riding their bicycle all the time (insert Queen song here), this event will be held under the cover of darkness. You don’t have to like Norwegian black metal, but must have a wicked sense of humor and love for all things on two wheels. The third annual Lunar Lunacy Bike Ride serves multiple purposes but mainly seeks to heighten awareness of Sacramento Valley children in either foster care or support youth. My sister—a bigwig at an unnamed company everyone uses every day—raises three identical twin foster boys who were in dire need, but there are more being ignored every day. CASA Sacramento is this year’s event’s charitable partner, and funds will be raised to support their Making Memories program, “which funds extracurricular activities for foster youth including field trips, prom, sports, camp, driver’s ed classes and so much more,” according to the Lunar Lunacy Ride’s website. The entry fee for the race is $35 which is less than a ticket to your favorite metal, hip-hop, world or classical music fest. Visit and make a difference. No more excuses.

    Eddie Jorgensen

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