Have four quarters burning a hole in your pocket? For those who have two left feet or abysmal dance skills, the cost of these classes can’t be beat. The folks at the The Ballroom of Sacramento will be opening their doors to the public to teach partner dancing. The first class starts at 1 p.m. and focuses on the highly interpretive Latin American dance known as merengue. And while the 2/4 signature rhythms are fast-paced and usually tricky, teacher Andy K. will break everything down step by step. Also on the menu is a beginning waltz course taught by Mark Vangere whose steps will impress your wannabe high-brow friends. Lastly, there is an East Coast Swing class led by Johnny Ochoa for all you hipsters stuck in another time period. Each lesson is 45 minutes in length plus an added 15 minutes to practice what you learned. Anyone 12 and older is encouraged to join this not-so-lazy Sunday soiree, so dress appropriately and bring your most comfortable shoes. After the class is over, you’ll never have to go to a wedding and sit idle for fear of embarrassment on the dance floor. Check out this and other upcoming events at Facebook.com/theballroomofsacramento

    Eddie Jorgensen

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