When it comes to making cocktails, everyone pretends to be better than they are. Whether it’s messing up an overly complicated online recipe or secretly making your “famous” Bloody Marys from a mix, we’ve all been there. Now J.J. Pfister Distilling (9819 Business Park Dr.), who makes some of Sacramento’s finest gin, is holding a “Cocktail and Simple Syrup 101” class for your personal edification on Sunday, May 19 at 2 p.m. While their flagship product is their Capitol gin, they’re sure to bring some variety to the class with their other products, like their potato vodka, as well as their drakas, a specialty oak-aged honey liquor with a unique floral taste. Taught by their in-house mixologist Dru Black, each class will last about two hours and will give in-depth drink-creation tips. Additionally, you’ll also learn to master the basic, yet tricky, process of making simple syrup (what even is the “soft ball stage,” anyway?). Along with your class, you’ll also get a tour of the distillery, meaning that you’ll get an inside look at gin production from its first steps to when it’s poured in your glass. You’ll also get a cocktail shaker to start your own mixology-station at home. Tickets are $55. Visit their Facebook page (@jjpfisterdistiller) for tickets and more info.