“So sad,” “Un f’ing believable,” and “Nooooo,” were just a few of the many shocked/surprised/saddened comments posted by fans and longtime patrons on River City Brewing Company’s Facebook page (Facebook.com/RiverCityBrewingCo) last week when they broke the news that after 22 years at the Downtown Plaza, they will be moving this summer to Carmichael’s new Milagro Centre. “Although we are sad that we have to leave our current location after 22 years, we are very excited about this new opportunity for us,” the company wrote on their page.

RCBC co-owner Beth Ayers-Biro told CBS Sacramento reporter Leigh Martinez that because of the construction of the new Entertainment and Sports Complex and a planned remodel of the part of the mall that they occupy, their business is being forced out.

“We wanted to leave back in 2008 and were asked not to by the city saying ‘please stay, you anchor that part of downtown,’” Ayers-Biro told Martinez. Even after offering to hold all their equipment and furniture in storage until after the work was done, the brewery was told no.

“And we would come back in a year and a half when everything was redeveloped. We just want to know we’re a part of redevelopment. ‘No’ was the answer,” Ayers-Biro told Martinez.

The Milagro Centre, RCBC’s future home, is a brand new mixed retail marketplace on Fair Oaks Boulevard that will take the place of the old Hillside Shopping Center. Milagro is expected to cover about 50,000 square feet and will focus on local businesses and eateries. RCBC will be downtown through June 14, 2015. They will be announcing details about a big “Bon Voyage celebration” soon, so keep an eye out on their Facebook page for info on that. RCBC hopes to open their new location over Labor Day weekend.

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