When Bob Shallit of The Sacramento Bee first reported in early October that the Midtown Sacramento bar/restaurant/venue Pour House was being sold (read the article here), we sort of shrugged it off and thought to ourselves something along the lines of, “We sure hope the new owners utilize the stage that’s in there and throw more shows!” Looks like our prayers may be answered. Turns out the new ownership group is none other than the rad dudes behind Dad’s Sandwiches and Dad’s On J, D.J. Rogers and Mick Stevenson, who are known to be heavily involved in the local music scene. Justin Isaacks has worked with Rogers and Stevenson for years and is also involved with Shuffle Six, a local promotions company that throws killer metal/punk shows at various venues around town. Isaacks recently told Submerge that, “We will be booking shows here [Pour House] definitely. Not necessarily the heavy or hard punk stuff, but shows and DJ nights for sure. A lot more so than the previous owners, who kinda just outsourced the booking.”

Isaacks also mentioned that the back bar at Pour House, which had been converted into a vape bar by the previous owners, is being turned back into a regular bar where they’ll hold their DJ nights. Of the new back bar, Isaacks said to expect a “laid-back style” and that it will be “divey for locals that are into good music.”

Isaacks also gave us an early look at what Pour House’s new weekly schedule will look like: “Heavy Mondays” will take place in the back bar, where they’ll be playing heavy metal, new and old, and every other Monday night they’ll have game night and trivia hosted by the Bruce twins in the front bar; Tuesday nights will be “Loveless Tuesdays,” (dream pop, shoegaze); Wednesday nights will be “Youth Cult Wednesdays” (post-punk, new wave, goth, deathrock); Thursday nights will be “Trash Rock Thursdays” (indie, garage, classic rock) in the back bar, while in the front bar Gerald Bucho and Mick Stevenson will host an acoustic jam; Friday nights will be “Feel Good Fridays” (‘90’s hip-hop and R&B), except for the first Friday of every month, when the ‘90s cover band Total Recall will play; and finally, Saturdays are when we can expect a “rotating stable of bands.” Phew, that’s a lot of stuff.

Check out Facebook.com/pourhousemidtown for more info on the changes, and to check out details for their New Year’s Eve, where they’ll host two parties under one roof!

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