Let’s be realistic, there will be a zombie apocalypse. You may laugh, but one day bath salts will accidentally be mislabeled as table salt and before you know it, America will have succumbed to its sodium obsession. You will be thankful for indulging in Sacramento’s finest farm-to-fork restaurants when you walk outside to find your fast-food-loving neighbor nomming on your mailman’s face. And when that day comes, whether it’s because of mislabeling or an evolved strain of Mad Cow, you will need to be prepared. Now is your chance to strengthen your chances of survival. From Oct. 11 to Nov. 1, the Zombie Train will be departing from the Rivertrain in West Sacramento and venturing into a post-apocalyptic world dripping with zombies. On Zombietrain.com, you can buy observer tickets or draft yourself into the Zombie Train Militia for $15 more. Those brave enough to purchase the upgraded tickets will be granted a laser rifle and the responsibility to weaken the zombie population.