33rd Croatian Extravaganza

At the 33rd Croatian Extravaganza, a “European festival in the old world tradition,” you can expect fantastic authentic cuisine along with plenty of live entertainment, a bocce ball tournament, children’s games and much more. Indulge in delicate pastries and succulent; spit-roasted lamb; and pork, chicken, steak and sausages. Did you know that each year between 40 and 50 lambs and pigs are barbecued at the Croatian Extravaganza? There’s plenty to go around, so be sure to check out this family-friendly cultural festival on June 13 and 14, 2015, at the Croatian American Cultural Center, located at 3730 Auburn Boulevard. Saturday’s admission is just $10 (note: this is the day when the best food is served!), and Sunday’s admission is free! Learn more by visiting Croatiancenter.org and clicking on “Extravaganza” in the top right corner.

    Jonathan Carabba

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