For the past six years, Beatnik Studios has played a vital role in Sacramento’s art and music scenes, hosting creative events, throwing rad parties and gallery openings and acting as a crucial link in the arts chain. In August 2013, Beatnik partners Lindsay Calmettes and Wes Davis (both amazing artists/photographers in their own rights and, in full disclosure, Davis has taken many photos for Submerge over the years) took things to the next level by purchasing their own building. The early 1900s “brick and steel battleship” is, according to Beatnik’s press release, “Over 12,000 square-feet of limitless potential.” The building is located at 723 S Street in the Southside neighborhood of downtown Sacramento and was originally built by PG&E. Purchasing and renovating the building was truly a family affair with members of both Lindsay and Wes’ families coming together to assist with the massive amount of work. The Beatniks also found “grease for their wheels” thanks to the PACE (Property Assessed Clean Energy) funding program called YGreen.

“Sacramento YGreen has made it possible for our small business to take on a large-scale commercial renovation project,” they wrote.

The new space allows Beatnik Studios to remain a multi-faceted creative business just like it’s always been: Event space, music venue, art gallery, photography studio, wedding venue—you name it, Beatnik can probably host it. Flexibility is the name of their game. To celebrate their big move and b-day, Beatnik will host a free six-year anniversary and grand re-opening party on Saturday, Aug. 2, 2014, at the new location. The party runs 6 p.m. to midnight and will feature live music by Guero, Jazz Gitan, The Foxtails, Proxy Moon and IdeaTeam as well as a dance performance by Aerial Evolution. There will also be food, drinks, art and all sorts of other rad creative things to enjoy. Learn more at

    Jonathan Carabba

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