Elf, starring Will Ferrell, became an instant holiday classic upon its release in 2003. Now the fine folks at California’s Musical Theatre are giving you a chance to experience the film up close and personal with a live adaptation for stage. Fans of Christmas tales that don’t end with a central character dying or experiencing some kind of heartbreak will enjoy the live play for its wholly whimsical and playful storyline. Those who wish to jump inside Santa’s bag of gifts and take the ride with Buddy, the musical’s main character, will be transported from the North Pole to New York. The real journey, however, begins with Buddy learning about the real world, the true identity of his real father and how he can make Christmas be everything he wants it to. The magical ride through space and time takes place at the Sacramento Community Theater located at 1301 L Street in Downtown Sacramento. This is sure to please fans of all ages, so reserve your tickets early before the limited run of shows end. Hold your space at Californiamusicaltheatre.com

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