The world is full of people (men and women alike) who will lie online or in person about their shortcomings and, more importantly, exaggerate their triumphs. Of course the only way to truly say you are anywhere is to be there and what better way to do so than at the upcoming “en Plein Aire” contest at the annual State Fair. And while we all know at Submerge that you want to see Mike Reno and Loverboy turn you loose with their sexy bass and synth lines, the real lure is painting in the open air with no restrictions (well, maybe a couple). This is not a competitive event and all are encouraged to take part in something that will surely get people talking once again, rather than staring at their cool iPhone. I’m actually entering my 19-year-old son who I am most certain stands a great chance. Sometimes the young and innocent (or seemingly so in the case of my son … Ha!) can teach us the most. Find out more and sign up by July 1 at

    Eddie Jorgensen

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