Pigment and parchment

At this beginner’s workshop, anyone and everyone will be afforded the rare opportunity to learn how to effectively improve his/her chalkboard and hand lettering skills. And while your handwriting may resemble something that a cat just scratched, it’s very possible this class will serve as some mysterious form of redemption. Located in a suite adjacent to Whole Foods in Roseville’s upscale Fountains shopping area, this $75 class aims to teach about all facets of writing including patterns, spacing, faux calligraphy, centering and more. Over the course of two hours, those ready to learn and participate will gain valuable insight about using different surfaces and mediums. All materials will be provided at registration and nobody will leave empty-handed. From metallic pens to artist-grade pens and even paint pens, class participants will soon find this seemingly expensive class fee is not so expensive at all. What are you waiting for? Put this paper down (temporarily, of course) and get yourself signed up. For more info, visit the workshops section of Pigmentandparchment.com.

    Eddie Jorgensen

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