Ellen Van Fleet | Perfume River | 2017

During this moment when female empowerment and confidence is critical, Jay Jay Gallery (5524 B Elvas Ave.) hosts Her Way, an all-female, multi-generational painting and printmaking exhibition from artists Ellen Van Fleet, Katherine Warinner, Jennifer Lugris and Kerry Cottle. The show aims to celebrate the artistic contributions featuring some of Northern California’s female artist population who have enhanced, influenced and informed our budding visual culture. For this experience, the four artists who have been selected are each pushing their chosen medium in new directions. Ellen Van Fleet uses torn paper to create unusual and mysterious works that portray thought-provoking and strange adventures for the curious eye. In contrast, Katherine Warriner produces art with forms and textures inspired by Mother Nature. Major themes within her work involve growth, balance and movement. Jennifer Lugris’ multi-paneled paintings are not only fiercely severed, but her pieces give the viewer a new perspective on how they view themselves and their atmosphere. Lastly, Kerry Cottle creates complex and intricate mosaics that portray the importance of liberation within ourselves. Her Way is open from Nov. 8–Dec. 22. The opening reception will be on Nov. 8 from 5:30–7:30 p.m. Regular gallery hours are Wednesday–Saturday 11 a.m–4 p.m.

**This write-up first appeared in print on page 9 of issue #278 (Nov. 7 – 21, 2018)**