JAY JAY Monumental

JAY JAY Art Gallery in East Sacramento (5524 Elvas Ave) is launching a new group exhibit on March 8, and it’s like nothing you’ve ever experienced. “The work in the show is both two dimensional and 3-D, all of which are of gigantic scale. Some of the pieces span up to 13 feet. We are curating the show in such a way that it will be an experience for the viewer that goes beyond simply being an observer, but rather an an overall environment that the viewer will step into and be completely engaged,” says Jeff Mayry of JAY JAY gallery. Monumental will feature 17 modern and contemporary artists, a handful of whom are new to the gallery, in addition to artists who are often showcased at JAY JAY, but who rarely have the opportunity to present art of such grand proportion. The opening of this larger-than-life exhibit will be celebrated with an opening reception from 5–8 p.m. on March 8. All ages are invited to attend the reception and to visit and experience the exhibit. The gallery is open between 11 a.m. and 4 p.m. on Wednesdays through Saturdays. For more information, visit Jayjayart.com.

**This write-up first appeared in print on page 15 of issue #260 (Feb. 26 – Mar. 12, 2018)**

    Haley Teichert

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