Welcome EN EM Art Spaces to the local gallery scene! Located at 1714 Broadway in Sacramento, EN EM Art Space was founded by co-directors Vann Nguyen and Anna Motzer. According to EN EM’s website, Nguyen and Motzer hope their new art space will provide an environment that is “welcoming to younger collectors—a gathering place that connected passionate artists with those who are passionate about art” and is “committed to bringing exciting emerging and mid-career artists to the Sacramento Region.” Nguyen and Motzer are starting on the right foot with Reconnoiter, the latest solo exhibition of Los Angelean artist Gabriel Luis Perez, and his first showing in Sacramento. Perez’s mixed media art is a vibrant collage of paint and various found objects—sort of like an abstract scrapbook. “My work is a filtered reflection of the people and spaces I encounter through travel and a migratory lifestyle. I use materials gathered through a collecting process that borders hoarding, alongside traditional art supplies, to create objects reminiscent of shrines or curio cabinets,” the artist says in a statement on EN EM’s website. For more info about this fledgling gallery, go to Enemspace.com, or to peruse some of Perez’s work, check out Gabrielluisperez.com

    Jonathan Carabba

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