Photos by David Adams

Streets of Color

Pump up those tires and grab a few homies because the annual Submerge Bicycle Mural Tour is back again. This time, we feature pieces so fresh the paint fumes still kick. Some murals stretch across entire alleyways, like the sideshow circus at 23rd and S streets that showcases the incredible tattooed lady and a pair of magnificent gray elephants dressed in red-and-gold garb.

While on the hunt for worthy destinations, this writer discovered that several locations featured in past issues of Submerge received fresh coats of paint. So much, in fact, that a few familiar murals that once hugged the sides of corner stores, like Royal Market on 17th and T streets, have completely transformed and taken on a new identity.

Unfortunately, artistic expression is not always accepted. On April 28, 2015, a multitude of Sacramento artists like Few and Far Women founder Meme, tattoo artist Jenn Ponci, muralist Shaun Burner, and more, saw their $2,000 mural that beautified an otherwise vandalized building on the corner of 28th and U streets, completely erased with gray paint by the city. Submerge shot some of the last photographs of this piece before it was defaced. Although it no longer exists, we wanted our readers to be able to appreciate and support the work of these artists.

Whether a mural was scarred by tags, or simply begged for a new perspective, these walls do talk, and speak to the creative minds of Sacramento artists who answer with cans of paint. So, plan for a leisurely and artistically pedal-driven bike ride through the ins and outs of Midtown and its surrounding areas. Discover the latest, most eye-catching urban street art created by some of the best artists in the city and beyond. More importantly, May is Bike Month, so log some easy miles through the hidden alleyways and bustling streets that lead to more colorful destinations.



S.V.Williams, Ernie Upton, Lopan
2505 Riverside Blvd., Sacramento (Target parking lot)

Majestic sea turtles float freely in this oceanic masterpiece filled with crystal castles, colorful coral reefs, tropical fish and sunken ships. This collaborative piece was commissioned by Surfside Dental and showcases the allure and mystery of deep sea life.

Electric Wizard-Mural-Sacramento

Electric Wizard

Cyber Punk
1701 T St, Sacramento.

Submerge featured Royal Market’s original mural three years ago by artist Shaun Burner, but now it seems market owner Haripal Singh caved into another creative mind’s need to paint and, once again, allowed the side of his business to act as a rotating canvas. An old wizard with a wooden staff rides on the back of a green wolf; electricity fills the air around the two as they travel onward to an unknown destination courtesy of local artist Cyber Punk.

Life’s a Ball Enjoy the Circus Mural Sacramento b

Life’s a Ball Enjoy the Circus Mural Sacramento a

Life’s a Ball Enjoy the Circus Mural Sacramento b

Life’s a Ball Enjoy the Circus

Few and Far, various artists
2333 S St., Sacramento (Rice Alley)

Just around the corner from Addison’s Bicycle Repairium (fitting) is the newly coated, circus-themed mural by Few and Far Women, a group of gals who specialize in street art with the help of various artists like Meme, Jenn Ponci, Melissa Uroff Millner and more. See majestic elephants with deep expressions, the incredible tattooed lady, and a golden palm that waits for its fortune to be told.

California Pride- Mural Sacramento-b

California Pride- Mural Sacramento

California Pride

Begr, Kove Sole, Jenn Ponci, Meme, Shaun Burner
28th & U streets, Sacramento (No longer exists)

Despite being hassled by the anti-graffiti authorities, these five artists finally wrapped up the side of a building at 28th and U streets. A frame of golden California poppies surrounded a menacing grizzly bear with its busy magenta, forest green and burnt orange brush strokes. Toward the end of this mural, a cold, blue face struggled to break free from its canvas.

A Level Beyond Mural Sacramento

A Level Beyond

Lord Pawn
2419 K St., Sacramento (Jazz Alley)

Behind City Bicycle Works, a starry night sky glows as a robotic wolf growls in the face of a gray and blue bionic woman, her wispy long hair adorned by a single, pink carnation.

Rest In Peace mural for Justin Mayo and Selecta KDK (Kevin Kinnard) Mural Sacramento

Rest In Peace mural for Justin Mayo and Selecta KDK (Kevin Kinnard)

Shaun Burner, Bdank, Ernie Upton
1017 24th St., Sacramento (Jazz Alley)

Justin Mayo snagged a large-mouth bass and proudly shows off his catch of the day sailing away on his small, wooden boat. A healthy forest stretches across a steady flowing river as Selecta KDK scratches on some wax that gives off electricity.

United Passion Mural Sacramento

United Passion

1330 H St., Sacramento

Behind Chaise Lounge (former Bulls bar), artist BAMR gained broadcast news attention with his mural “United Passion.” A large and lengthy busy-colored sleeve reaches across a gray building, its open palm holds a red and yellow rainbow, and at the center a blue heart splashes with water drops.