On Thursday, June 5, Verge Center for the Arts will be celebrating the opening of their newly remodeled space with an exhibit featuring an artistically accessible treat for guests. The exhibit, curated by San Francisco visual and performing artist Yarrow Slaps and titled Champagne, celebrates the variety of cultural influences inspiring the 16 new and established artists featured in the show. The variety of media is incredibly diverse, ranging from photography to micro installations to minimalist murals. This free event strikes the artistic expression of both traditional and innovative styles exemplified from cultural influence. The opening reception runs from 6 to 9 p.m. at 625 S Street, but the exhibit will remain up through August 24, 2014. More information can be attained from Liv Moe by email (liv@vergeart.com), by telephone (916) 448-2985) or online at Vergeart.com