The San Francisco Mime Troupe initiated their “Ripple Effect” tour just a little over two weeks ago. Within that small time frame, the musical satire has already made waves of its own. The free performance, presented by Tony Award-winning “loud-mimes,” focuses on the injustices and hypocrisies surrounding the San Francisco lifestyle. Though the theme focuses on one central area, it’s relatable to anyone who has ever lived, or visited, a metropolis. The show works along a series of flashbacks characterized by brilliantly crafted musical numbers, all adamantly paralleling the perspective of the modern American’s relationship with governmental, environmental, societal and fiscal forces. The performance is free (donations encouraged), and offers numerous shows, mostly located in San Francisco and other surrounding areas. Check out to find a performance most compatible with your schedule. Wanna avoid the traffic surge of SF? Feel free to hold off until Mime Troupe comes to good-ol’ Sactown on Aug. 2 and 3, 2014 at Southside Park.