Third Space Art Collective

In their three-and-a-half years of existence, Third Space Art Collective in Davis has hosted hundreds of touring and local bands, art shows, workshops, theater events, literary readings and other events, all the while becoming an integral part of Davis’ diverse creative community. Not bad for an all-volunteer, nonprofit organization, right? Well, unfortunately, the future of Third Space Art Collective is in limbo. Due to a change in ownership of the building they currently occupy at 946 Olive Drive, the folks at Third Space recently received an eviction notice stating that they’ve got until April 20 to get out. “Our goal is to provide an accessible center for creation, exhibition and congregation,” Third Space states on their website, “We are a place where people can connect in a meaningful way through artistic expression, regardless of age, economic classes, or experience.” If this is something that sounds important to you (hint: it should!) then we urge you to hit up their website and donate if you can. Any amount will help. They’ll have many significant costs to cover when they find a new home: deposit, first few months worth of rent, transportation and storage, construction of art studios, fire and safety improvements, permits, etc. If you can’t help monetarily, spread the word on your social media networks and through word of mouth. Spaces like this are of the utmost importance to music and art scenes, and unfortunately they are few and far between these days. Check out their upcoming events at and get involved.

    Jonathan Carabba

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