By Emily Bonsignore

Space may be the final frontier, but for now it is the final piece we need for our spring wardrobe. Immeasurable swirls of dark matter, stardust and stellar remnants, galaxy designs have been a major trend this year. These unknown cosmos have transformed into any article of clothing you can imagine. Leggings in extraterrestrial designs have been popular among the younger crowd, but this interstellar awesomeness shouldn’t be limited to just girls. With summer on its way I decided to break out my old boring muscle tees and morph them into something out of this world, so guys you too should take part in this universal trend!


1) You will need a dark tank or T-shirt, spray bottle, sponge, acrylic paints and bleach.

2) Fill your spray bottle with bleach and spray your tank unevenly. Be careful when working with bleach, so wear painter’s clothes and work outside.

3) Once your shirt has dried, it will reveal red and white blotches; these will be the basis for your cosmos.


4) Now take several colors of paint, slightly water them down and begin to fill in the white parts of your cosmos. Layer paints one of top of another to add dimension and color. Use paint in the center, so each galaxy pops!

5) To make the stars, dip a toothpick in white paint and make crisscross motions all over.

6) As soon as your shirt dries, go be the galactic warrior that you are!