February is looking bold and beautiful on the style front. Sacramentans are showing their hearts all about town with T-shirt proclamations. Bold red wedges and bags add to the building momentum of spring optimism when love is in the air. Sweet dresses and tresses set the tone for the upcoming day of love affirmations and new connections.

Lovely expressions, sweet fashion and colors of the heart (red!) are great year-round, especially when you get fashion-block and can’t figure out what to wear.

Like designer Bill Blass put it, “When in doubt, wear red.”

Heart Shirt {Sugar Shack}

Vy Nguyen {19th & L Streets}

Tracy Darmstandler {23rd & J Streets}

Janae Swan {19th & J Streets}

Danton Brown {18th & L Streets}

Jasmin Luna {21st & K Streets}