Winter weather warrants bulky clothes, but thanks to layering clothing we don’t have to abandon our Sacramento-style aesthetic all winter.

Boots and hosiery like knee-high socks, leggings and tights have been cold-weather fashion emancipators for several years. But fashion and Sacramentans have evolved beyond basic opaque pantyhose (yuck, pantyhose) and black leggings.

Many of our very own hometown boutiques offer a good and growing selection of hosiery, including sweater-knitted, patterned lace and colored and patterned opaque.

Walking around Midtown near Submerge HQ, I caught a few examples of what’s to come for the burgeoning hosiery season.

Taking advantage of local art and night lighting, a sharp metal-mosaic horse on 19th & S streets matched wildly with leopard-patterned tights (only $14 from Heart Boutique).

“In matters of style, swim with the current; in matters of principle, stand like a rock.” – Thomas Jefferson

Vanessa Lor {Forever 21}

Nicole Nilsen {Urban Outfitters}

Lacey Faris {Target}