The long and short of cuffed stylings, Picnic Day 2011

In a grand turnout, young ladies and gentlemen enjoyed Picnic Day in Davis with a seemingly carefree fashion perspective.

Floral dresses, gladiator sandals and “Bro” tank tops gave numerous peeks into summer stylings; but cuff detailing took the picnic basket.

Men and maidens alike wore shorts, capris and pants with the subtle detail of varying cuff stylings. Just a small cuff on simple apparel draws attention to bright and interesting outfit accents–like killer shoes or braided belts.

Such a slight nod to style is like a wink at summer fashion, like “I see you, Summer.”

“Anything said off the cuff has usually been written on it first,” Robin Skelton, British poet, scholar and witch, from “A Devious Dictionary.”