During our recent patio visit to Bows and Arrows whilst enjoying a bottle of wine, Submerge was surprised with a sneak-taste of their new cranberry apple salsa and it was impressive. In the words of our fine publisher, Melissa-Dubs, “Honestly, it’s the best shit I’ve ever tasted.” It’s sweet, obviously because there’s fruit involved, but it still has those traditional salsa elements like cilantro, Tabasco, etc. Spicy and sweet, the best combination! Bows and Arrows is located at 1815 19th Street, Sacramento and the food portion of their operation is run by Fat Face Cafes Jaymes Luu. Music, art, retail, tasty food and a well-chosen beer/wine selection make it hard to leave this place, not to mention they have easily one of the best patios in town. See for yourself!

    Jonathan Carabba

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