We are fortunate enough to live in a community that enjoys a huge variety of foods from a multitude of cultures from around the world. Americans have adapted many fantastic dishes from other countries and turned them into everyday meals. However, there are still many foreign dishes that most of us have never tried making on our own before, so we have to go out to a restaurant in order to satisfy our cravings. Now, thanks to the cooking classes offered by the Davis Co-op, you can satisfy your craving for dumplings at any time, from the comfort of your home, without needing to go out to eat! On Aug. 5, you are invited to learn how to make enough dumplings to feed your friends, feed your family and have enough left over to stock your freezer. The class will walk you through how to make the dough from scratch, as well as several different fillings, including vegetable filling, shrimp and chicken. You will also learn how to steam dumplings, use them in soup or prepare them deep-fried as potstickers. You’ll never have to daydream about dumplings again, because by the end of this class you’ll have the knowledge and skill set to make your dreams a reality! Participants over the age of 21 will also get to enjoy a complimentary glass of wine or beer. The class starts at 2 p.m., costs $40 ($36 for DFC members) and will take place in the teaching kitchen at the Davis Co-op. All ages are welcome. Pre-register online at Davisfood.coop.

    Haley Teichert

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    Haley is a musician who plays in local bands Toy Traps and Chat Room. She also hosts a radio show called "Garlic Party" on KVMRx. She has been contributing to Submerge since 2016.