Were it not for a a few event invites by friends of mine who know I have crazy musical breadth, this long-standing tradition—taking place at the E2 Family Winery in Lodi—might have passed unnoticed. Of course, the last thing I would want to be is a publicist (thank the dear Lord there are many fine medicated men and women that can handle the chore), so consider this your heads-up. Pay attention. Class is in session. Cajun Queen, Lockford Lemonade, Main Street Concessions, Pearson Catering, Big Bad Daddy’s (sounds pretty suggestive, eh?) and Madam Flood Puppies House of Catfish are just a few of the wonderful options on the menu. Also included are the more obvious Dippin’ Dots booth and the less obvious Twisted K’s Soft Serve (I am already in line as I write). You don’t need to be from Louisiana or enjoy crayfish raw to enjoy yourself. Music headliners are Doug “Ragin’ Cajun” Kershaw and Steve Riley. Those who can’t enjoy themselves surrounded by wonderful music and homologous surroundings (look it up, it’s a cool word) might want to smile a bit more and venture out before death greets us (whenever that is). Play the game, Sacramento, play the game. Go to Cajunbluesfestival.net for more info. -EJ

    Eddie Jorgensen

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