Mardi Gras 2016 Old Sacramento Speakeasy Tour & Pub Crawl

Tired of drinking at the same watering holes every weekend? As luck would have it, the Downtown Sacramento Partnership are hosting a totally cool pub crawl replete with a history lesson, guided tour and a drink menu sure to please even the biggest cocktail snob. Starting at Old Sacramento’s infamous River City Saloon, the pub crawl kicks off in grand fashion in a bar that looks as if were transplanted from the prohibition era. This particular soiree will be led by history guru and Downtown Sacramento Partnership tour guide Shawn Peter in an effort to both educate and, more importantly, lead stumbling folks to their next destination. Learn about the Sacramento of yore and all of its purposely hidden history while drinking an old fashioned or a pint of beer. For only $15, you can reserve your spot and enjoy a night of drinking to remember (or not). This two-hour event moves along at a brisk pace so make sure you’re on time at 5 p.m. and have the drinking stamina to last until 7. Odds are, there is not a more entertaining ticket in the immediate area this weekend. Buy your passes now at (search Mardi Gras 2016)

    Eddie Jorgensen

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