It’s no great secret that Mayor Kevin Johnson spent more time during the last couple of years rallying and wooing investors than paying attention to the area’s most pressing concern: homelessness. Rather than dwell on the ridiculous amount of extracurricular activities he undertook well outside of his official job description, it’s only proper to honor those organizations and people that do actually make a difference. River City Food Bank are hosting a special lunch and dinner event over two days that serves as a benefit for the area’s unfortunate and, more importantly, raises a curtain on an increasingly larger problem. Their upcoming event is appropriately dubbed Empty Bowls and will feature offerings from major area restaurateurs. On the menu is a delicious soup meal accompanied by wine, hors d’oeuvres, and dessert fare. Expect to taste concoctions by Mother, Petra Greek, Scott’s Seafood Grill & Bar, Vizcaya, Zocalo, Grange Restaurant & Bar, and more. Lunch tickets are only $30 and are not accompanied by alcoholic fare. The night’s festivities are $70 and are certainly more enticing with local and area wines also provided. Come get some at

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