Tired of buying crappy sushi at your local supermarket? Can’t afford to dine out every night? Have a sushi addiction that you just can’t kick? Even if you’re just looking for bragging rights for your next Facebook status update, the “Sensational Sushi” class will cover all the bases. Depending on how quickly you can pick up sushi-making, this upcoming class could be a very cost prohibitive exercise for the Sac Food Co-op. For only $49, one will learn the fine art of preparing sushi using a variety of common and not-so-common ingredients. This class will be led by instructor Dionisio Esperas and all the different pieces you need to make some tasty fare will be at your disposal. Learn how to make nigiri, hand rolls and maki sushi rolls with no pressure from your peers. Additionally, everyone will make a seasonal veggie roll, a spicy California roll with avocado and a smoked-salmon hand roll with pickled red onions. They’re allowing you to eat everything you roll so pay attention in this short class and leave your cell phone in your car. Make sure you enroll in advance as limited space is available. For sign-up details visit Sacfoodcoop.com

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