Seasons Coffee

Coffee geeks rejoice. Local coffee roaster Seasons have found a new way to get quality coffee into your hands without you even leaving the house. And while $19 for a 64-ounce bottle may seem on the pricey side at first glance, do remember you pay close to $5 for a subpar macchiato or blended shit drink at Starbucks. Seasons’ talented team of Benza Cox Lance and Greg Cotta understand there’s a void in the coffee industry and one of the best ways to fill it is to bring it straight to their customers’ hands. The concept is simple: they deliver a 64-ounce growler filled with their delicious Bold Crew (a cold brewed coffee made from an Ethiopian Aricha blend) on any given Monday and you order when you need more. Additionally, they ship coffee all over the country (and to Canada) using only the best beans and slow roasting them into a heady, tantalizing batch few can match. Already creating a buzz at Sacramento’s Specialty Coffee Week and soon to be a staple in everyone’s fridge (if you know what’s good for you), the folks at Submerge couldn’t recommend Seasons any higher.

If you really want to look cool drinking your cold brew around your friends, get one of Seasons’ many accessories including T-shirts, caps, coffee cups and more. Want get get started? Of course you do! Sign up now at

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